Thursday, June 17, 2010

Real Estate Insight: 5/23/2010

Host: Rich Epstein

Guest Steve tetzner, Homestar Mortgage

Atty Sheila Harrington

Topic; Legal Tips with Atty. Sheila Harrington from the firm of Harrington and Rhodes LTD


Real Estate Insight: 5/08/2010

Host: Rich Epstein

Guest: Steve Tetzner, Homestar Mortgage

Special Guest: Rob Bailey, author of The Billionaire's Little Black Book

Topic: The importance of assembling the right team of financial advisors


Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Real Estate Insight: 5/16/2010

Host: Sally Lapides and Rich Epstein

Guest: Mike Mendonca, Homestar Mortgage

Topic: Real Estate Outlook, The Barrington Tea Party


Real Estate Insight: 3/28/2010

Host: Rich Epstein

Guest: Steve Tetzner Homestar mortgage

Sheila Harrington, Attorney

Topic: Legal tips from Sheila Harrington Esquire, from the Law offices of Harrington and Rhodes