Monday, February 26, 2007

Real Estate Insight: 10/8/2006

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Katherine Field - Landscape Architecture

Topic: Winter Landscaping Strategies

Episode: 10/8/2006

Real Estate Insight: 10/1/2006

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Blanche Evans - Author "Realty Times"

Topic: Bubbles, Booms and Busts - Making money in any Market

Episode: 10/1/2006

Real Estate Insight: 9/24/2006

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Liz Morency and Marge Angili - RI Alzhiemes Association

Topic: Making the Home safe for Alzhiemesc Patients

Episode: 9/24/2006

Real Estate Insight: 9/17/2006

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Herman DeKoe - Executive Director of Habitat for Humanity

Topic: Residential Properties Ltd. Habitat House

Episode: 9/17/2006

Real Estate Insight: 9/10/2006

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Richard LeFebure - Nationwide Insurance

Topic: Homeowner Insurance

Episode: 9/10/2006

Real Estate Insight: 8/24/2006

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Holly Ceritto from Schectman, Halperin and Savage L.L.P

Topic: Bankruptcy and Foreclosures

Episode: 8/24/2006

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Real Estate Insight: 8/13/2006

Guest Host: Rich Epstein in for Sally

Guests: Carl Philips and Marshall Huggins

Topic: Reverse Mortgages

Episode: 8/13/2006