Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Real Estate Insight: 1/27/2008

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Saul Kaplan

Topic: Rhode Island Economic Development Corporation

Episode: 1/27/2008

Real Estate Insight: 1/20/2008

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Kathy Pannichia

Topic: Rhode Island Housing

Episode: 1/20/2008

Real Estate Insight: 1/13/2008

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Cherie Roach

Topic: Selling Fast in a Slow Market

Episode: 1/13/2008

Real Estate Insight: 1/06/2008

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Cherie Roach

Topic: Behind the Headlines

Episode: 1/06/2008

Real Estate Insight: 12/30/2007

Host: Sally lapides

Guest: Cherie Roach

Topic: Best Of

Episode: 12/30/2007

Real Estate Insight: 12/23/2007

Host: Rich Epstein

Guest: Adrianna Yoto and Michael Townsend

Topic: The Providence Place Mall Apartment!

Episode: 12/23/2007

Real Estate Insight: 12/09/2007

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Monica Staaf

Topic: Legislative Update

Episode: 12/09/2007

Real Estate Insight: 12/01/2007

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Cherie Roach

Topic: Market Outlook

Episode: 12/01/2007

Real Estate Insight: 11/24/2007

Host: Sally Lapides

Guest: Doug Miller

Topic: Self -Directed IRA

Episode: 11/24/2007